The System I Used To Give Me The Best Year, In The Worst Circumstances Ever. 

To Find Purpose, You Must First Know What Direction To Take

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At the intersection of science and spirituality lies the answers to your most burning question...

"What's my purpose in life?"

For the first time, we are making The Intentionality Compass available to anyone and everyone to find their purpose.

The Intentionality Compass is a navigation tool to discover your true self, so you can move towards your desired future life and use it as an ongoing guide to stay on your path.

Do you feel empty?

As children, we are programmed to dream of a future and then society's rules dampen those dreams. We get locked into the conventional norms that prevent us from leading intentional and creative lifestyles. Let us show you a proven system (backed by science) to rewire your neuro pathways and create a lifestyle that leads to personal fulfillment, so you can live a more meaningful life today.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.” - Carl Jung 

It’s Easy to Feel Empty... When You Never Look Within

When you realize all that you already have, and are grateful for it, you’ll learn to gain a sense of wholeness. Often we have more than we realize because we overlook key moments in our lives. By cherishing what we have in four key areas (intentionality, prosperity, love, and well-BEing), you’ll be empowered to do even more.

In The End, It All Boils Down To How Do You Want To Feel?

Ultimately in life, we chase our feelings. Your intentions should be focused on how you want to feel in your life. What intentions do you need to make sure you:
  • Live your purpose
  • Express your values
  • Experience your best possible self every day
  • ​Feel the way you want to feel

Introducing The Intentionality Compass Program

 This program allows you to live with Intentionality NOW by following these four paths…



Typically this process and tools have been reserved for retreats and coaching clients that cost thousands of dollars to attend.
Now for the first time, we’re making all of these tools available to EVERYONE (at an absurdly cheap cost).

  • Creating Your Intentionality Compass
  • ​Using Positive Psychology Interventions
  • ​Gratitude Training
  • Best Possible Self Training
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • ​Identifying Your Values
  • ​Map Out Your Intentions
  • ​Set Your Goals
  • ​Bringing Your Intentionality Compass To Life
  • ​[BONUS #1] Full Training Workbook and Guide
  • [BONUS #2] ​Intentionality Compass (Who I am)

Join us at the intersection of science and spirituality and get your Intentionality Compass today!

What People Are Saying

Dani Wales
Creative Director at Red Door Project

“Thanks to the Intentionality programs, I’ve learnt to block out the noise and manifest my reality. The intentional living practices I’ve adopted since working with Finnian have helped a lot with this. Now I only pursue and continue with relationships that serve me and I’ve been able to reprogram my thinking to view opportunities holistically.”

Stacey Tisdale
Founder, CEO, President, Mind Money Media Inc.

“Intentionality is the helping hand we need to bridge the gap between our limiting beliefs and who we truly are. It is ultimately a spiritual journey of remembrance. Intentionality is helping people around the world develop internal resources that make every part of their lives better. Knowing Finnian has made my life and work richer in every way and his wisdom will help you develop yours. Bravo Finnian, bravo Intentionality!”

Jaime Hogan
Principal Strategic Planner, Waverly Council

“By going through the Intentionality Program I am now seeing how all of the systems are working and I feel really proud! My relationship with money has changed from being emotionally charged and feeling like I have to work harder to a sense of peace, pride and confidence. I notice I'm being more intentional about how I think about money and the result is empowerment in my financial decisions.”
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